Executive Coaching

Dinesen Associates' executive coaching practice is focused on senior executives in financial services, regulators and rating agencies, with a particular expertise in working with top producer managers.


The coaching approach is to provide complete transparency of the process and methods used. Goals and success indicators are discussed and agreed at the outset to maximize the likelihood of success within a productive time frame.

Dinesen Associates Ltd and Christian Dinesen

A combination of coaching techniques, result focus and deep industry experience makes Dinesen Associates credible and effective as a coach for leaders in financial services and their stakeholders.

Financial services industry knowledge is not essential to achieve successful coaching. It does however provide credibility that the coach can understand the challenges related to the highest levels of the financial service.

Christian has operated for 30 years at the most senior levels of invesmtent banking, the insurance industry and mangement consultancy. He has extensive leadership amd management experience within the professional services field, which he now brings to the business of executive coaching. He holds a Practitioner Diploma of Executive Coaching from the AoEC.

Targeted assignments:

CEO/CFO Top level managers – First 100 days managing with increased complexity including globally, with diversity and as a producer manager.

Management teams – supporting strategy development and improved collaboration

Areas of Expertise 

  • Alpha males
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Diversity
  • Global management
  • Producer managers

Recent clients/sectors

  • Asset management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investment banking
  • Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Rating agencies