Consultancy - Asset and Asset Management

Dinesen Associates has the understanding of both the insurance and capital markets necessary to bridge the gap between the two markets. Explaining the insurance market to the capital market remains a significant challenge. The insurance sector is often seen as highly technical and lacking transparency, creating a barrier to making the sector less investable than many others.

For investors in insurance assets, Dinesen Associates can assist with a thorough understanding and explanation of the insurance sector, without the jargon and technical hurdles.

For asset managers, Dinesen Associates can provide advice that enables more focused and effective marketing to insurance companies. The seismic changes in asset allocation within insurance companies, caused by regulatory changes such as Solvency II as well as financial crises, provide historic opportunities for asset managers. The size of insurance assets, which have been estimated at 40% of all invested asset in Europe, combined with these seismic changes, means that grasping insurance opportunities are critical to the future success of managers of institutional assets.